Sunday, July 12, 2009


Is anybody looking for a spiffy skull skateboard?

Or maybe you're on a quest for a skull tie for your next board meeting?

Here's a lovely mousepad if you still use those things.

I took forever to do this design because it was fun to play with all the murky colors and shading. Originally, I was doing it for part of an airsoft design.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Organic Christian

When I think of nature and reverence for the natural world, I usually think of Wicca, or perhaps the druids. Some scholars even trace back the word "pagan" to mean rustic, or a country bumpkin, as opposed to the more urban Christians. The overwhelming awareness of the annual cycle of life, death and rebirth was a country thing. Cities were built in enduring, unchanging stone and fostered thoughts of eternity. Country folk sacrificed their kings - city folk carved marble statues of them.

But, that was long ago. We still have our rural mystics in the hippies and the alternate religions, but they are no longer the conservative ones. Christians have moved from the far, far fringe to the center of things, some even to the Ultra Conservative Christian Right.

Now, I subscribe to a community supported agriculture group which promotes organic, sustainable agriculture, and their logo is a picture of an angel plowing the fields to help out a hardworking farmer. It's a different world from the country pagans and city Christians. A hat like this from Upstream Christian Designs seems to fit right in. Check out this and other items with the Organic Christian design at

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rainy Day Tote Bag at Go Camel Art and Photograpy

Wouldn't this bird have looked great on Captain Jack Sparrow's shoulder? I've always been amazed at the bright bright colors of parrots. They look like they've been painted by a child with a yen for primary colors. With all the different varieties and color patterns, though, they are one of the most recognizable types of birds. You may not know what type it is, but you always know it's a parrot.

Parrots are also well known for their intelligence and skill at mimicry. When you "parrot" what someone says, you repeat it, over and over. You've probably seen some incredible clip on an animal planet show or on youtube of a parrot making fart noises or playing "dead bird." They seem to be natural performers often dancing or performing other tricks.

As amazing and fun as they can be, if you decide to find a parrot for yourself, pay careful attention to where it came from as many endangered wild species are being captured and smuggled into the country for the pet industry, and often the birds don't survive.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Checkered Spider Skateboard

Yep, I'm weird. I like spiders. I think they are pretty. This one is a bit odd, but I had fun drawing it. Hey, there are worse flaws than liking spiders! In some native american mythology they spin the world into being. Charlotte, from Charlotte's web was a nice, gracious creature. Besides, spiderwebs are lucky.

And - you can't beat this - spiders eat bugs! So, if you don't like bugs, you should LOVE spiders.

Anyway, here is a unique skateboard for those skating enthusiasts. Those who really don't like spiders, they can imaging they are stomping on them.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Forks, Washington Space Heater

Yep, it's another design for all you twilight fans out there. Enjoy. Products with this design are at

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Cafepress has a licensing agreement with Stephanie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series. Shopkeepers are churning out designs based on the books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) for all the fans of the series out there. There are designs about Cullen baseball teams, Edward, Bella, Jacob, Alice, Carlisle, Esme, sparkling in the sunshine, the weather in Forks, Washington, the whole deal. Products with the designs pictured above can be found at and . More designs can be found at .

Sunday, December 14, 2008


If you work in an educational environment, you see autism. You probably feel the frustration and difficulty in having this strange changeling child from a parallel universe shoved in the middle of everything, but not a part of any of it. Children too sensitive yet seemingly oblivious, overstimulated by the mundane yet immune to any interaction, full of random terrors and furies, who just don't seem to belong in our world.

But these aren't strange, changling children. They are our children. They didn't come from somewhere else, they are a part of us, of our world and they do belong.

There are theories as to why autism is on the rise. Is it the environment, the vaccines, or are we just more aware of it and able to recognize it? Whatever the reason, one of the estimates is that one out of every 150 children born is affected by some form of autism, as this design illustrates.

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